[About Burtex]

Burtex Industries is Canada's foremost supplier of burlap and burlap bags. We've been the leader in this industry since 1918, developing new uses for burlap and supplying a variety of woven polypropylene and polyethylene items as interest in synthetics has grown. We continue to provide superior products for innovative applications in both new and traditional markets.

Burtex is a vertically-integrated company with the know-how needed to quickly, efficiently and flexibly custom-produce burlap products to the most exacting specifications. And we inventory a large selection of burlap, woven polypropylene, and polyethylene products in a variety of sizes and weights, to respond rapidly to the needs of an increasingly diverse and demanding clientele.

In particular, we have continued to grow our business as a principal supplier to the tree-nursery, gardening, and landscaping industries. For these and other specialized needs, we make and stock treated and untreated burlap squares, basket liners, treewrap, and yard goods. We provide burlap and polyethylene sheeting, filter- and shade-cloth, and other products for concrete curing and pipelaying, road-building, flood- erosion- and weed-control, and ground cover. We supply a variety of geotextiles, twines, flexible tubing, and all kinds of new, used and special-purpose burlap and woven polypropylene and polyethylene bags - sandbags, garbage bags, and parts bags in all sizes - for horticulture, construction, manufacturing, and other industrial uses.

We offer quick delivery to job-sites and other destinations anywhere in Ontario, provide next-day delivery to the Eastern Seaboard and two-day service to the Midwest.

Burtex is dedicated to providing the best solution for any application. Our customers have learned to rely on our expertise, our resources, and the unique perspective that accompanies our 80-odd years of experience. To discover the superior quality and service excellence which are a tradition at Burtex and the foundation of a large and loyal clientele, contact us today.

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