[Burtex Products]

Burtex custom-produces burlap products to the most exacting specifications. And we make and inventory a large selection of burlap, woven polypropylene, and polyethylene products in a variety of sizes and weights for rapid delivery, to respond quickly and reliably to the needs of an increasingly diverse and demanding clientele in both new and traditional markets

For horticulture, construction, manufacturing, and other industrial and commercial uses, we supply treated and untreated burlap squares, basket liners, treewrap, and yard goods, burlap and polyethylene sheeting, filter-cloth and shade-cloth, twines, flexible tubing, and all kinds of new, used and special-purpose burlap bags and woven polypropylene and polyethylene bags - sandbags, garbage bags, and parts bags in all sizes. We provide a variety of burlap, geotextiles, and other products, for nursery operation, ground cover, flood- erosion- and weed-control, landscaping, concrete curing and pipelaying, road-building, new construction, and renovation.

Burtex has significant expertise in all kinds of applications for burlap, geotextiles, and bags. We can only selectively illustrate our capabilities here, but we can provide a suitable solution for virtually any requirement, and we welcome your inquiries.

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